Home Employment – Pros & Cons – Learn How to Be Self Employed From Home

Working from home has become a preferable choice of many in today’s world. Why not? There are so many advantages attached to home employment while you still reap the benefits of an onsite job. But still there are indeed few disadvantages which could bring hurt your chances for future offers if you do not address them properly.Pros of Home Employment:- It provides tremendous flexibility to balance between work and family life. You can spend more time with the kids at home while you schedule and manage your work. Or you can have sufficient time to drop and pick your kids in school or daycare.- It provides Control of Schedule allowing one to work whenever he/she feels productive or taking a break when you really need one.- No Commute required and No Traffic Hassles involved and even save on gas.- Option to work away from home like library or other wi-fi friendly places which is other wise not possible with the regular offices.- Flexibility to be with the kids in times of need like snowy days and sick days when the child is at home.- Can save on childcare expenses while keeping the kids engaged at home with productive games or play.- Set your own hours and be your own boss with no one breathing over the shoulders.Cons of Home Employment:- Balancing work and family life becomes a juggle as there is very less separation between the tasks performed for work and those at home.- It’s hard to control cranky kids who demand your attention while you are in a conference call or busy with your work facing tight deadlines.- It’s disruptive to have kids alongside when you have to work from home.- Putting off official work to be done later considering its flexibility and instead attending to personal needs thereby not keeping up with the work schedule.Factors to keep in mind before considering Home Employment:- Proper schedule needs to be maintained to balance work and life. The pattern of work has to be designed and a chart needs to be put up by listing down all the activities involved according to the time schedule so that the work and life schedule do not collide with each other. It is very essential to keep up with this schedule and not let anyone (even your kids) disrupt the schedule.- Its best to have a dedicated area for workspace set at home for any home employment just as how one would be allocated a physical location at office. A door can be used as a barrier to separate work and home activities. It should be strongly emphasized on the kids to stay out of the room when the door is closed except for urgent purposes. Do not bring in personal work inside the workspace and leave the workspace once the job is done.- Keep the kids busy with crafts or educational games so that they remain occupied productively without disturbing your work schedule.- Plan deadlines ahead and work accordingly.- Plan important activities during kid’s naptime or bedtime.Though home employment has lots of flexibility, it still requires discipline, patience and organization skills. Be aware and prepare yourself for this challenge then do a good job.

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